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Center for Transparency

We work with the Center for Transparency to help ensure that charitable donations to for-profit corporations for specific charitable projects are actually received by the charitable entities and used for the charitable purposes advertised to the public.

If you are a for-profit entity with one or more projects from which proceeds (or percentages thereof) are intended to reach a charitable entity or be used for a charitable purpose, and would like to provide assure to your customers about the proper use of their charitable contributions, please contact us. We provide legal and accounting compliance services for this purpose. For-profit entities may be certified by the Center for Transparency through our compliance services.

If you are a non-profit entity contracting with a for-profit entity to raise funds on your behalf through split proceeds or otherwise, please contact us. We will provide legal and accounting compliance services to assure your entity that the for-profit is transparent in its transactions with you.


Julie CookCenter for Transparency